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Tree stump removal requires specialised equipment and trained professionals to perform it correctly. You want the whole stump removed because any leftover piece may lead to further problems down the line. In addition to removing the unwanted stump, you want your service provider to share a few tips on tree care and maintenance that can help you avoid future problems while keeping your property in perfect condition.

Melbourne Stump Removal is a reliable stump removal services provider in Hallam, Victoria. We provide expert advice for tree removal and conduct removals when needed. Our team is experienced with many operations under their belt and can safely conduct stump removal or grinding in both residential and business settings. Experienced tree climbers, tree care professionals, and certified arborists: you name it, we have it.

When you engage our services, know that you are in the best hands possible. Our stump grinding and removal services do not end with the removal. We also take care of other factors like the safety certificates and measures to meet safety regulations, assessing the stumps to ensure the most efficient removal methods, and even sharing important tips about tree care to our clients. Every legal requirement is taken care of before the work begins.

Advantages of Timely Stump Removal and Grinding

It is desirable to remove tree stumps or grind it down before it creates a costly mess. There are many advantages to stump removal or grinding before they cause trouble.

  • Aesthetics

    Neglected stumps can mess with the aesthetics and project a dilapidated look to the property with their presence. Their removal vastly improves the appearance of the land and even helps increase the value of the property. You also have extra space to work on should you require now that the stump is gone.

  • Accidental hazards

    While tree stumps may not seem dangerous at first, they can cause serious injuries as they are potential tripping hazards. This is crucial especially if you are living with senior citizens or small children or both. Stumps can also cause a huge inconvenience when mowing your lawn as they will damage your equipment. Considering all these issues, contacting your local arborist for stump removal is highly recommended.

  • Disease and pest hubs

    Tree stumps may look harmless in your yard, but you need to hire local arborists to assess them. Stumps may harbour pests or diseases which can affect the surrounding area. Insects and other pests will always look for stumps to take up as their residence. Not removing stumps gives these insects plenty of opportunities to settle in and multiply. This usually happens to diseased stumps. By simply removing the stump, you can prevent the spread of diseases to other healthy trees.

  • Stop stump sprouting

    Stump sprouting is very inconvenient especially if the tree had a particular disease and had to be cut down. The new sprouts will likely be infected too which is undesirable. Left behind stumps can quickly sprout and regrow. This regrowth can eventually cause another costly tree removal attempt. So, tree stump removal is the best option.

    Stump grinding is also a viable option to ensure that this does not happen. In this process, both the stump and the roots will be destroyed and removed so regrowth is impossible. To stop regrowth, you need your stump ground down when you cut the tree. By doing this, you save money in the long run and eliminate the chance of sprouting.

Stump Removal Process: How We Do it

Melbourne Stump Removal’s tree care services come with certified arborists who are trained to use multiple equipment and possess years of experience. They follow tried-and-tested methods to undertake tree stump removal projects.

  • Stump drilling

    After cutting off the top of the stump as much as possible with a chainsaw, it can be dug out of the ground with machinery. Stump grinders can make it easier by grinding down on the sides and roots before final removal.

  • Stump grinding

    Grinding the stumps may require the use of a heavy-duty machine. This is a crucial step if you wish to make the whole removal process a lot easier or you are looking for an alternative to complete stump removal.

  • Burning the stump

    This is another option if you do not like the stump grinding or removal procedure. Our professional tree removalists are acquainted with the burning tree stumps out. Before setting anything on fire, they will check with local authorities and get the paperwork done. This method should be avoided during the dry season.

  • Chemical stump removal

    This method is only used when the previous methods are not feasible. Chemicals are used to soften the wood and make it more pliable for removal. When employing this method, make sure no children or animals are in the immediate area.

Stump Removal Process: How We Do it

If you are planning stump removal on your property, we have the finest tree care services for hire in Hallam. Call Melbourne Stump Removal on 0448 134 174  or email us at to talk to our support team. We offer stump grinding and removal services at the most affordable rates. You can expect excellent workmanship and professionalism with minimal hassles when you engage our services. Call us today.

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